The mission of our business is to provide clients with creative solutions for planning new programs and projects related to the use of land, and for balancing new development with other factors that are important to the community or region. Futurevision endeavors to craft visions for the future of communities that are beneficial to the economic, social, cultural, and environmental well being of each and every client. To accomplish our mission, we employ our professional expertise to analyze and make recommendations about community characteristics such as land use, transportation, the height and massing of individual structures, the functionality and aesthetics of the design of public spaces, and appropriate policies for conservation of natural and man-made resources. Our business provides services in the following areas:


Jordan M. Rosenfeld is the President of Futurevision. Mr. Rosenfeld has extensive experience in conveying visions of the future for many different projects in numerous American metropolitan areas and abroad. His experience includes planning on a wide range of scales, from proposals for the land use and intensity of development for individual sites to forecasting long term economic, transportation, and land development trends for entire regions. Mr. Rosenfeld holds a Master's degree in Urban and Regional Planning from the George Washington University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Urban Studies from the University of Pennsylvania. He is the author of several publications, some of which are featured on this web site.

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